So how do you get fans to subscribe to your website e-mail list and why? Building e-mail list is important as it increases value of the athlete to its sponsors. The more direct marketing channels athletes come with into a deal, the more interesting and valuable they are to sponsors.

So, how do you get fans to subscribe to the newsletter on athlete’s website after they have discovered their favorite athlete’s websites?

  • Athletes should put an invitation to sign-up for their newsletter and state clear benefits
  • Sign-up box must be in a conscious location on the 1st page and couple other pages of the website
  • If athlete is doing audio/video podcast, benefits of newsletter sign-up should be mentioned
  • Clear benefits important to the target group must be stated above the sign-up box
  • Double opt-in method should be used to validate all subscribers
  • Fans expect to read newsletters written in athletes voice – not someone else’s.
  • Make sure that what you say has value. Valuable message will spread around the internet and give you even more subscribers
  • When sending out HTML newsletter, consider putting a link on your website where fans can leave comments on your newsletter. The more involved your readers are, the more likely they will be to come back to your website.