Digital Marketing

While digital marketing does include many of the techniques and practices contained within the category of Internet Marketing, it extends beyond this by including other channels with which to reach people that do not require the use of The Internet.

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What exactly is “Sports Marketing”

Sports marketing is a subdivision of marketing which focuses both on the promotion of sports events and teams as well as the promotion of other products and services through sporting events and sports teams. It is a service in which the element promoted can be a physical product or a brand name. The goal is [...]

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Mr. Rodgers, Madison Avenue Is On The Line.

Athlete icons are often seen as overnight sensations. And with a record breaking TV audience watching, there is no better launching pad for a marketing career than a Super Bowl. Yes, as Rich Thomaselli and others have pointed out, Aaron Rodgers has arrived. His absolutely stellar performance in Super Bowl XLV made Rodgers worthy of [...]

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Importance of Two-Way Online Discussions between brands and sports fans

Often, news blasts and company updates are one-way transmissions from a business to a recipient list or client base. With blogging through athlete’s websites, everything becomes more personal, creating more intimate and specialized discussions through content sharing. Opening up your blog to facilitate two-way discussion can help build and maintain your audience through acknowledgment of [...]

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Athletes Blogs and Sponsors Message

By learning how to engage the target audience (sports fans) through open, online channels, sponsors can truly connect with their customers. By blogging through athletes, sponsors cannot only get messaging out to their audience, but also bring their audience’s comments in, making that content and athlete’s websites the home base for these online conversations. Listening [...]

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Getting fans to subscribe to athletes e-mail list

So how do you get fans to subscribe to your website e-mail list and why? Building e-mail list is important as it increases value of the athlete to its sponsors. The more direct marketing channels athletes come with into a deal, the more interesting and valuable they are to sponsors. So, how do you get [...]

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Useful Online Marketing Tools

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time and money when it comes to online marketing: Use the Web services to quickly updated your status on social networking sites and blogs. After you set up the blogs and social networking sites, you need to update in To [...]

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Leveraging websites for athletes with other marketing tools

Websites for athletes are not a panacea for sponsors marketing challenges. You can’t just build a website for an athlete and expect people to come and interact with your brand. Websites of sponsor’s athletes should complement sponsors other marketing tools to help drive business. Before companies start using athletes websites to market their brands, they [...]

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Crowdsourcing: create value for sports sponsors through athletes websites

Blogs are helpful for keeping in touch with your customers and for finding out who your customers are and what they are thinking about. One ways of doing it by creating crowdsourcing blog on the websites of the athlete you have sponsored. Crowdsourcing refers to asking readers of the blog located on athlete’s website for [...]

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