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Mr. Rodgers, Madison Avenue Is On The Line.

Athlete icons are often seen as overnight sensations. And with a record breaking TV audience watching, there is no better launching pad for a marketing career than a Super Bowl. Yes, as Rich Thomaselli and others have pointed out, Aaron Rodgers has arrived. His absolutely stellar performance in Super Bowl XLV made Rodgers worthy of [...]

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Importance of Two-Way Online Discussions between brands and sports fans

Often, news blasts and company updates are one-way transmissions from a business to a recipient list or client base. With blogging through athlete’s websites, everything becomes more personal, creating more intimate and specialized discussions through content sharing. Opening up your blog to facilitate two-way discussion can help build and maintain your audience through acknowledgment of [...]

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Athletes Blogs and Sponsors Message

By learning how to engage the target audience (sports fans) through open, online channels, sponsors can truly connect with their customers. By blogging through athletes, sponsors cannot only get messaging out to their audience, but also bring their audience’s comments in, making that content and athlete’s websites the home base for these online conversations. Listening [...]

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Getting fans to subscribe to athletes e-mail list

So how do you get fans to subscribe to your website e-mail list and why? Building e-mail list is important as it increases value of the athlete to its sponsors. The more direct marketing channels athletes come with into a deal, the more interesting and valuable they are to sponsors. So, how do you get [...]

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Useful Online Marketing Tools

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time and money when it comes to online marketing: Use the Web services to quickly updated your status on social networking sites and blogs. After you set up the blogs and social networking sites, you need to update in To [...]

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Activation As Good As It Gets: Red Bull

Red Bull is known for very aggressive, outside the box activation. No one does it better. Whether it is with Sean White’s custom half-pipe, the Red Bull air race or the insane annual Flugtag competition, Red Bull consistently creates events that generate interest and attention. Last weekend however, they set a new standard with King [...]

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The Summer of LeBron: There is Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Tell me LeBron isn’t pointing to his flexed bicep on the cover of the current GQ. That’s actually not possible, is it? Not given the PR mess that this summer has been for him. No way the self-appointed king is actually posing is such a predictable, been done 1000 times before, indulgent pose like that, [...]

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Crisis Management PR The link above is to a great article in today’s NY Times regarding crisis management PR. I wholeheartedly agree that in this day and age, coping up to the crisis quickly and sincerely is the best option whenever possible. Tiger, BP, Toyota and Goldman Sachs all unsuccessfully tried to minimize their mistakes, blame others, [...]

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How the Tiger Recession Changed Athlete Marketability

(Originally printed in Sports Business Journal, August 2, 2010) Many of us have spent the last 12 months holding our breath, looking for signs that the sports economic landscape is beginning to return to normal. Highest ratings in Super Bowl history? Check. Upfronts went well? Yes. Consumer spending up a little? Perhaps. Things might be [...]

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Taxi Cab Marketing

While in Taipei last week to work on the Yao Ming Charity Tour, I hopped in a Taipei cab to get to a meeting. I sat in the front, while two of my Chinese colleagues sat in the back. The cab was spotless. The cleanest cab I’ve ever seen outside of London. The driver, smartly [...]

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