Marketing Department

We have a dedicated marketing, public relations and client relations department that focuses on the off-court aspects of the lives of our players so that they can maximize the efforts they put on the court.

Supreme Quality

Since inception, our dedicated marketing department has closed over $8 million in marketing endorsment deals for athletes.

We developed endorsement opportunities between our clients and such high-quality sponsors as: Nike, Reebok, Adidas, McDonald’s, Visa, Radio Shack, Gatorade, Pepsi, Sprite, American Express, Clearly Canadian, Apple Computers, EA Sports, Seville Watch Corp. and others.

Public Relations

BDA approaches public relations with a unique strategy in place for each one of our clients, based on their interests, personality and desired commitment. We have relationships with many mainstream and sports media outlets, as well as major television, film and music companies, which enable our clients to receive the best off the court coverage and access to all types of entertainment events. BDA clients have graced the covers and insides of GQ, Esquire, Business Week, ESPN, SI for Kids, Sports Illustrated, Interview, Dub, Dime, Hoop, American Way, Maxim, Complex, Beckett, Stuff and Money Magazines. BDA clients have been guests on The David Letterman Show, The Jimmy Kimmel show, Live with Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, Today Show, BET, MTV Cribs, Best Damn Sports Show and Rome is Burning.

Focused Approach

At BDA, we take a big-picture approach to marketing. By focusing on the complete development of the player-brand, we allow our clients to maximize their off the court earnings. We do this through the “BDA Player Name Brand Process.”

We begin with a focus on community. We believe that sponsors are much more willing to work with athletes who are making a difference in the community. We align our players with local organizations who focus on causes that matter to them. We put a strong focus on PR. Our relationships with print and broadcast media allow us to help the public become more aware of our clients. Finally, we focus on endorsements. We identify potential partners in relevant local, regional, national and global markets.