Bill Duffy has had over 25 years experience representing professional athletes. Recently, SLAM ONLINE sat down with the NBA’s third biggest agent and talked business, basketball and BDA.

Bill’s philosophy of being an agent is being a life coach and a developer of men. He prides himself on guiding his client’s lives and being there for them. For him, business is just one side of the client-agent relationship, not the only side.

While racing all over the globe to watch as many basketball games as he can, Bill makes family a priority. With his eldest son playing basketball, eldest daughter in club volleyball, middle son playing baseball and youngest boy and girl both in soccer and baseball he is attending games year round. Making his children’s activities a priority is important to Bill.

Duffy has been recognized as the Sixth Best Sports Agent in the World according to By providing his clients with the tools necessary to enhance their personal growth it is no wonder Bill has been able to succeed as an agent. You can check out the article at