“Andy Rautins, Canadian Basketball player at Lucentum, says he is very comfortable with the whole discipline of Alicante and, above all, having fun on the team led by Txus Vidorreta.  Rautins was the player chosen by Lucentum to fill the seat vacated when Kyle Singler joined Real Madrid and their performance is improving game by game. Andy is already the best player of all ACB in terms of points scored in relation to minutes played.  “I like being in Alicante, I enjoy playing here and that helps to keep progressing and getting better fit on the team,” said Rautins, who said the Lucentum has “a great group with good players and good technicians,” who are helping you have a “great moment”.  Rautins averages 0.58 points per minute, the highest in the CBA because he got his 51 goals in 88 minutes he has played. However, the player does not value these statistics and thinks that he needs only to continue growing and help the team to more victories. “I’m doing my part, I’m happy and I’m doing what my colleagues need to win. Working to help the team,  I am well on the track every time things go better,” he said.”

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