With a surprise hit and the unprecedented Umana Reyer has officially announced this morning at the launch of the campaign subscriptions, the names of the players who complete the roster for next season. Four “barrels” launched by Federico ds Casarin man market the Human Reyer, who thanked the President Brugnaro for investment and for the strength given to Umana Reyer by the group, then communicating that he had successfully completed all negotiations. The four top players who complete the roster of the first men’s team of the Human Reyer are the top scorer two seasons ago former Caserta Andre Smith , the former top scorer this season Reggio Emilia and Casale Donell Taylor , the former Croatian Treviso and Cremona Hrvoje Peric and the American Nate Linhart from the Bundersliga where German was MVP in his role. There are four players that go great level to join the already formalized Guido Rosselli , Luca Vitali , Jacopo Giachetti and Tony Easley . Read more..