GERMANY: “Andrew
came to Frankfurt in September with huge expectations as a guy who
had to play a huge role on the offensive end on a team that is missing snipers
as much as the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven are missing their own shooter Stefan
Jackson. Rautins was averaging a satisfactory 12ppg after two games and had
taken an overwhelming 25 shots and averaging an unacceptable 28%. Rautins who
played 5 NBA games with the New York Knicks is a shooter by nature and sooner or
later he is going to free himself out of his funk like a Miro Klose when he has
been held scoreless for many minutes. The New York native who is the son of ex
NBA player Leo Rautins started off with 5 points, then was in the Rautins zone
putting on his own dazzling shooting clinic in the second quarter netting home
16 points and had eight points in the third quarter. In the end he recorded 32
points hitting eight three pointers. He was humble after the big win giving his
teammates much credit. My team did a good job running plays for me. They did a
good job finding me. I am just trying to continue to find myself in the system,
added Andrew

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