EUROLEAGUE: “Hello, Euroleague fans! I am Marcus Williams of Unicaja Malaga and I’m ready to speak my mind in my first Euroleague blog entry! The competition has been pretty fun until now – and very competitive. We came out second in our regular season group, which was great for us. Our goal is to keep playing well to try to go to the Final Four! We have played well and for instance, managed to beat Maccabi at their place. That was a big win for us. Like I tell my teammates, everyone has to play in the same court, no matter the crowd or anything else, we all play with the same basketball, on the same floor. There are no excuses about playing home or away, we have to play the same game.
We have to stay patient. A lot of teams are smart and have talent and we have to play together as a team. We have to keep great chemistry and be patient, like we did against Brose Baskets last week. We cannot rush anything. We have different guys who can score 20 points any night. Simon, Txemi, Luka, Earl… anyone can step up for us any given night. We don’t have to depend on this one guy – we are not that kind of team. ”

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