This began his career as a sports journalist. At the age of 17, he came up with the idea of asking Pat Riley for his past season’s playbook. When the coach of the Lakers’ dynasty sent a big envelop everybody was astonished. Later, at 26, he met the young Rade Filipovich that was bringing a skinny player with the face of a kid for a tryout in Bologna.

Impossible is nothing if you work hard and trust, as Rade together with Rascio Nesterovic, has confirmed. In 2000, after reporting on all types of Italian and European Championships, Marco quit journalism and started working as a players agent. Only three months later he recruited a young Slovenian potential star, who after a serious injury had a temporary contract of 6.000 USD per month. When Player asked Marco if he believed he could become a million-dollar player, Marco’s answer was an emphatic yes. 18 months later, this Player had a contract worth over one million in his hands.

In 2012 Marco joined BDA. Thousands of contracts have been made since he first met Rade, but still today the hard work and trust continue. Marco loves spending time with his family, traveling around the world, driving his car up and down Italy to cover basketball games.