For a few days, Paul Eboua’s routine has always been the same. He walks through the door of the Stella Azzurra, his first Italian home when he arrived 5 years ago, and starts working hard, almost as if he were learning to play again at the age of 20. He works on the physical, on the fundamentals, on shooting, knowing full well that to achieve his dream everything he has done so far is not enough. Because Paul’s dream, since he first picked up a basketball in his Cameroon, is very ambitious: to get to the NBA.

On October 16, the day of the draft, he absolutely wants to make it happen. The Gazzetta dello Sporthe had exclusive access to the preparation of the now ex-player of Pesaro for the most important challenge of his life: he will follow him, with initially monthly updates, in his attempt to cross the Atlantic..More on Gazzetta..