Troy Bell (186-PG-80, college: Boston Coll.) is not only a great basketball player. He is also an artist (he is a good singer) and a man with many interested ideas about life, sport and music.
1.) Basketball player, singer, boxer…who is Troy Bell???
TB:I’d say a combination of the three. Basketball has been with me since i was young and has been my biggest and most consistent passion. Boxing entered my life unexpectedly while I was injured and quickly became my obsession. When something touches me I usually eat, sleep, and breathe it until life pulls me in a different direction. Music is something I hope to explore forever. Its my therapy. I think everyone needs a creative outlet.
2.) There are many basketball players who have released a music album, but mainly hip hop or rap. Your music is pretty different, and the videos very accurate. How did you approach the music? Were you influenced by the most famous citizen of your hometown, music superstar Prince?
TB: I’m a huge fan of Prince! Almost everyone I know from Minnesota is to some capacity. I approach making music the same way I do everything else that I’m passionate about. All or Nothing. Making bad music is similar to having a bad game. You’ll hear about it from many different directions (laughs). So I try to avoid that. But overall music has always been a big part of my life. I’ve always seen good music as the soundtrack that accompanies our best memories. When I think back on all my best memories there are always a few songs that come to mind. Even when my television is on its usually muted so I can listen to music. People can download free music at!”

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