“One of most promising players of Greek basketball, Nikos Pappas (194-SG-90) of Panathinaikos Athens gave an exclusive interview to Turkey.

To start with, What is your aim as an professional Basketball player? Playing in Nba, or having a great career in Europe? Why? My aim as a professional player is to try to reach as close as I can to the 100% of my potential. I believe i should be trying to reach my limit as a player. If I achieve this I will be happy with myself regardless of the level I will play at. For me NBA is not an ultimate goal and it is very distant. My goal is to be successful with Panathinaikos Athens which is the biggest club in Europe and this for me right now is more important than a participation in the NBA. The reason is that I believe success is when you win something and you are an important part of a successful team and not when you just participate in a league or an organization such as the NBA.

In your early career, you decided to leave from Greece for Spain. did you regret your decision? What do you recommend to younger generations in these processes? For sure it was an important experience because it made me stronger as a person and as a basketball player. By the result it was not the perfect choice since I did not take any playing time, but I am trying to see the positives in every experience. To the younger players, I would suggest to chose programs that can combine playing time with quality learning of basketball. Being in young ages in a program that is good for learning but you have no playing time is not good but also being in a program that you play a lot but it is not good for developing besides the playing time, it is also not good. So try to find the balance.

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