BDA players are making tremendous impact on the court with outstanding play in every top International competition this season. Playing across 16 different countries around the world, every place you look there are BDA players making headlines.

Here are some hot players to keep an eye on!

Jarvis Varnado (BC Tuscany PT-Italy)
15.2 points 9.2 Rebounds 2.8 Blocks, 2.2 Steals

James Gist (BC Partisan Belgrade-Serbia)
12.8 points 6.2 rebounds

Jamont Gordon (CSKA Moscow-Russia)
13.1 points 4.8 rebounds 3.7 assists

James Keefe (BC Promobys-Spain)
10.6 points 9.2 rebounds

Dontaye Draper (BC Cedevita-Croatia)
18.5 points, 5.8 assists, 3 rebounds, 2.7 steals

Rasho Nesterovic (Olympiakos-Greece)
10.6 points 5.4 rebounds