Born: May 6, 1986

Height: 6’4″ / 1.93 m

Weight: 180 lbs / 82 kg

Current Team: Miami Heat, NBA

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia 



YEAR Team Minutes Points Rebound Assist Steals Blocks 2-pt FG% 3-pt FG% FT%
13/14 Phoenix Suns 35.1 20.1 3.2 5.9 1.4 0.3 54.2% 40.8% 76.0%
12/13 Phoenix Suns 33.5 14.7 3.1 7.4 1.6 0.3 49.5% 32.1% 74.8%
11/12 Houston Rockets 26.5 11.7 2.5 5.3 1.3 46.2% 33.7% 80.5%


In terms of physical attributes, Dragic features good athletic ability. At 6-4 he has excellent size to play the point guard position in the NBA, while his wingspan also seems to be above average giving him additional length.One of most impressive things about Dragic is the level of play he shows at just 19 years of age. Dragic is already among the best guards in a pretty competitive Adriatic league competition and was main reason why his team is in the running for a Final 8 appearance despite being recognized as outsiders prior to start of the season. Goran’s biggest strength has be his speed. Whether in half court sets, the open floor or on the defense end, Dragic impresses you with his quickness. His first step is excellent and he can get by most defenders at his current level with ease. On the defensive end his lateral quickness is also very good, allowing him to keep up with smaller guards equally well. Offensively, Dragic uses his aforementioned speed to the fullest extent, getting into the lane on a regular basis. Once he gets there, Dragic is patient waiting for good looks to present themselves or passing the ball to an open teammate, showing good court vision. Dragic gets most of his assists in transition and from the solid drive and dish game he has, being able to beat his matchup of the dribble and therefore create shots for teammates in half court sets. When he has the chance, he executes the fast-break to perfection, either finishing it himself of by finding the open teammate. Goran also exhibits plenty of creativity finishing at the hoop with a diverse array of lay-ups. If he doesn’t go all the way to the basket, Dragic can stop and nail a mid-range shot, presenting very good accuracy out to 18 feet.

He plays within the flow of the offense, not taking ill-advised jumpers or forcing penetrations, despite the fact that he is by far the most gifted scorer on his team. Goran has very good ball-handling skills and can change directions quickly to get his man off balance and create space for himself to operate. When a mismatch occurs and he is defended by a taller opponent, Dragic will react immediately to the situation and drive aggressively to the basket. He off the ball movement is reasonably good, recognizing spaces in defense and exploiting them to get some cheap points.

The Slovenian is a very aggressive defender, chasing his man all over the floor and not letting him rest even for a moment. This leads to a good number of steals, and every now and then he is even able to pick his opponent’s pocket while he’s bringing the ball up the court. If he adds body strength without losing much of his quickness, Dragic has the potential to become a lockdown defender, as he has good size, length, athleticism and a great attitude. Goran is very tough kid, not shying away from contact and ready to sacrifice his body on both sides of the court. He is very eager to play defense and that is how he earned his role on the team in first place. Sometimes Dragic gambles for steals and loses his defensive position, but he is able to recover it quickly because of his speed.

As he showed on several occasions this season, Dragic is able to step up in the clutch and carry a team on his shoulders. Goran’s basketball IQ is not the highest around, but is still above average and by the progress he’s made this season you can tell he works very hard. Off the court, Dragic was never problematic and is considered to be well-liked by his older teammates.



Adriatic League All-Star Game -08

Slovenian Cup Winner -08

Adriatic League Semifinals -08

Slovenian League Champion -08

NBA Western Conference Finals -10

World Championships in Turkey -10 9 games: 12.7ppg, 3.3 rpg, 4.1apg,

European Championships in Lithuania -11: 11 games: 11.7ppg, 3.6rpg, 2.7apg.

All-European Championships 1st Team -13

European Championships in Slovenia -13 :11 games: 15.8

3.5rpg, 4.5apg.

All-European 2nd Team -14

All-NBA 3rd Team -14