“With a lot of new players before the start of the season, it took Aris BSA 2003 some time to get together as a team. Even with that, Aris made it to the Eurocup Last 16 and still has slim chances to reach the Quarterfinals. One of its main pillars has been big man George Bogris, who had limited playing time with Panathinaikos on its way to win the Turkish Airlines Euroleague last season. Bogris is stepping on court much more often now, averaging almost 20 minutes per night. He has averaged 4.8 points and 4 rebounds in all 10 Eurocup games until now, helping Aris to lead the competition in blocked shots. Bogris, who turned 23 this week, is having a good time in Thessaloniki and enjoying the experience of playing for Aris, as he told us in this interview. “I love the atmosphere here in Thessaloniki. I always wanted to live in other cities, even other countries so I am glad that I am here,” Bogris told “I always wanted to play basketball in this city for some years, so I am really happy for this. I like it very much.”

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