Francesco “Frank” Vitucci was born in Venezia April 5th 1963. In his hometown he started his coaching career, replacing head coach Mario De Sisti in early season 1993/94. In 1996 his first success, he brought glorious Reyer Venezia back in Division 1 and won the award of coach of the year. Then he went to Imola. And again, in 1998, he brought the team to Division 1. Imola had with him his best years, 2 seasons in a row in playoffs, 2 seasons in a row in European competitions (Korac and Saporta Cup). Then 2 years in Scafati. In 2001, after 10 seasons as head coach, he decided to accept the offer of his friend Ettore Messina to work with him (as assistant) in Benetton Treviso. In 6 years, Vitucci had the chance to share strategies, decisions, every single minute of a team life with top European coaches like Ettore, Blatt and Mamouthi. In 2009/2010 it was his turn to lead prestigious team of Treviso. In 2010 he inherited another big challenge in Avellino. The team had some financial problems after one expensive appearance in Euroleague: again 2 years of success, 2 Final Eight of Italian Cup (one semifinal), 1 playoff. In summer 2012 he signs for Varese, where he’s currently in the first position in the ranking with a completely renewed program and several young players, an exploit who is attracting consents from all over Europe. In January 2013 he was awarded with “Premio Reverberi”, a limited group of people who placed milestones in Italian Basketball History. Frank has also worked as assistant of Carlo Recalcati with national team, and had 3 experience as assistant coach in NBA summer leagues, in 2003 with Orlando, in 2006 with Toronto of Andrea Bargnani (who helped to develop in Treviso), in 2007 with Portland. In over 20 years of activity, he coached more than 400 official games in Italy, 30 official games in Eurocups. He’s graduated in Political Science. He’s married with Monica, and has 3 sons, Giovanni, Christian, Marco.

Alessandro “Alex” Finelli was born in Bologna April 14th 1967. He started his career as specialist for young players. While working as assistant with senior team of top coaches like Sergio Scariolo, from 1991 to 2000 he brought his young teams to 16 National Finals, winning 2 titles, cadet in 1993 with Fortitudo Bologna and junior in 2000 with Montecatini. Also, as assistant of Italian national team, he took part to 2 European Championships in 1996 and 1998. This experience was very helpful when in season 2005/2006 it happened to him to coach for an entire season a 17-years old talented player, already starter with the professional team of Pavia, named Danilo Gallinari. Back to his rookie year as head coach, it was in 2000/2001 and it was immediately a success: he brought team of Livorno to Division 1. Then he worked in Imola, Ferrara for 3 years, Pavia for 2 years, Montecatini, Montegranaro for 2 years (2 Final Eight Italian Cup, 1 4th place at the of regular season), and Reggio Emilia. In 2010/2011 he’s called to rebuild “his” Fortitudo Bologna starting from Division 3: even in a low category, playing in front of 6.000 fans, with only one goal, win. And they won the League, even if after that the Club got bankrupted. His leadership was so clear and good that President of Virtus Bologna won the scepticism of part of the fans and asked him to cross Basket City and coach the main team. In 2011/2012 he finished at the 5th place, taking part to Final 8 and playoffs. In 2012/2013 with a very young team, he’s in the middle of the standing. Besides Gallinari, he coached young McIntyre, Koponen and Sanikidze. He’s close to 200 game coached in Serie A. He’s married with Donatella and father of Leonardo and Isabella.

Marco Calvani was born February 23rd 1963 in Rome. He started to coach in 1980 and made a long apprenticeship in his hometown coaching youngsters, women basketball, minor leagues, and developing a very strong and solid work hetic that is trademark. In 1990 he landed to Virtus Roma, in the gold era of “Messaggero”, as assistant coach. He had chance to work with stars like Michael Cooper, Rick Mahorn and Dino Radja, taking part to 4 Korac Cup and 2 Final Eight Italian Cup. In 2002 his first of 3 years as head coach season in Montecatini: he immediately won the 3rd Division. The year after hr brought team to playoff in Division 2. In 2005, he was called in Pesaro to rebuild the glorious Scavolini starting from Division 3 with a dominant team with Carlton Myers: he won the League and lead Pesaro in Division 2 the following season. Then he worked in Scafati twice, in Trapani, Casalpusterlengo and again in Rome in 2011 first as assistant. He got promoted as head coach in February 2012. During the summer he built a completely new team, with a group of serious workers around the star Gigi Datome, and reached the semifinal of Italian Cup challenging all the top teams during a winning regular season. In 24 years as professional coach, he won 3 titles, coached almost 100 games in Serie A, as assistant he won 1 Korac and worked with a top European coach as Valerio Bianchini. He has degree certificate in Physical Education and he’s father of Matteo.