Coach Jaume Ponsarnau was born in Tàrrega (Spain) April 28, 1971

Basketball coach in Bàsquet Manresa from 2003-2013

– Junior team Head Coach (2003-2005)

– Assistant Coach Professional Team (2005-2006)

– Head Coach of the Professional Team from December 2006 until today.

Champion of Addeco Oro League season 2006-2007 promoting the team to the ACB League.
– Named Best coach by the Catalan Basketball Federation in 2007 and 2012

Other Interesting Facts:
– Professor at the Catalan Basketball Federation
– Professor at the Spanish Basketball Federation
– Professor at the Master “Team Sports High Performances” 2009-2012

Coach Ponsarnau is one of the most promising young coaches in Spain.

He lead Basquet Manresa since he took over the Head Coach position in December 2006 until today showing leadership, hard work, knowledge of the game and amazing communication skills. His team is known like one those is playing best basketball in the ACB League even if is one of the cheapest rosters in the League. His players improve throw the season individually and collectively their skills and knowledge of the game.