The FIBA World Championship began in Istanbul, Turkey this week; showcasing some of the best basketball talent in the world. 24 of the best national teamsfrom around the world will battle it out over the next week to decide who is the best. BDA sports has a strong showing at this year’s World Championship with no less than 6 of its players participating for their respective national teams. Notable players include: Stefan Markovic and Kosta Perovic of Serbia, jaka Lakovic and Goran Dragic of Slovenia, Linas Kleiza of Lithuania and Tibor Pleiss of Germany. With just a few games played, Linas Kleiza has been a dominate force averaging an impressive 22.5 points a game, tied for 5th in scoring among all players. Kosta Perovic has also been very impressive leading Serbia with just over 16 points per game. Other BDA players like Goran Dragic and Tibor Pleiss are extremely important parts of their teams that need to play well if they are to progress. Check out the FIBA World Championships all this week to watch these players and more.