mazzon 4 fortitudoStarted in 1985 coaching the varsity team (Junior) of Venice.

Signed in 1990 with Glaxo Verona A1 (Tim Kempton and Russel Schoene) as 2nd assistant coach.

Became Head Coach in 1996/97 of SuperCup (Italian Competition) Winner.

Reached the final of the Saporta Cup (European competition) in 96/97 against Real Madrid (Coach Obradovic) and semifinal vs. Benetton (Coach Mike D’antoni).
Voted coach of the Year in Italy.

Re-signed in Verona for the 97/98 season with Korac Cup (European competition) winner.

Italy Cup Final 4.

98/99 and 99/00 seasons Head Coach of Panionios Athens, Greece where we reached the Semifinal of the Eurocup against Barcelona.(Gasol and Navarro team)

2002/2005 Napoli 5th position Uleb Cup qualification and runner up Coach of the Year.

Italy Cup Final 8.  All-Star game coach.

2005/2006 Aris Thessaloniki, Greece Uleb Finalist vs. Coach Ivkovic of Kimky Russia.
Coach of the Year and Euroleague Qualification.
Semifinal Greek league.

2006/2007 Aris Thessaloniki, Greece Euroleague Top 16.
Euroleague Qualification and semifinal Greek league.
All-Star game coach.

2009/2013 Reyer Venice, Italy

Runner up Coach of the Year, twice All-Star game coach.
Final 8 Italian League.
Playoffs of Italian League.


1997 Uleb Cup (European Competition) Runner Up.
Coach of the Year Italian League.
Eurocamp Coach in Paris, France with Coach Raveling and Coach Donnie Nelson.               Nike Summer League Coach.

1998 Korac Cup Winner.
Italian Cup Final 4.
Eurocamp Coach in Barcelona, France with Coach Raveling and Coach Donnie Nelson.               Nike Summer League Coach.

1999 Korac Cup Semifinal.

Greek Cup Final 4.
All-Star Game Coach, Greek League.
Eurocamp Coach in Paris, France with Coach Raveling,Coach Donnie Nelson and Coach Calipari               Nike Summer League Coach.

2003 Runner-Up Coach of the Year, Italian League.
Final 8 Italian League.

2005 Uleb Cup Runner-Up.
Euroleague Qualification.
Coach of the Year.

2006 Euroleague Top 16.
Euroleague Qualification.
All-Star Game Coach.

2007 Uleb Cup Qualification.

2010 Coach of the Year.

2011 Runner-Up Coach of the Year.
Final 8 Italian Cup.

2012 Final 8 Italian Cup.

2013  Italian Play off 1/4 of final

Selected and coached two of the best Greek Players ever in Papalukas (former CSKA Moscow and 3-time Eurolegue winner) and Papanikolaou (2-time Eurolegue winner now in Barcelona and a 2nd round NBA Draft pick) and many young Italian players who now play professionally.

Last season, three of my players (Rosselli, Vitali and Magro) were at the European Championship in Slovenia and many others have been in the past.

Defensive specialist: My teams have always been among the top 3 best defensive teams in their league.

Triangle Offense: Used the triangle offense more than 15 years.

Recruiting: Can reach and scout a lot of young European young players, especially in Italy, Greece and Spain.

American Players Coached & Drafted

 Randolph Keys (1st round Milwaukee Bucks), Southern Miss. 1988

Mike Iuzzolino (2nd round Dallas Mavericks), Saint Francis 1991

Spud Webb ( NC state 1985)

Walter Berry (1st round Portland Trail Blazers), St. John’s 1986

Shaun Respert (1st Round Portland Trail Blazers), Michigan St. 1996

Marty Conlon, Providence 1990

Jerome Allen (2nd round Minnesota Timberwolves), Penn 1995

Mike Penberthy (LA Lakers 2000-2002)

Oscar Torres (Houston Rockets 2001-2002)

Tamar Slay (2nd round New Jersey Nets), Marshall 2002

Dalibor Bagaric (1st Round Chicago Bulls), Croatia

Jeremy Richardson, Delta State 2006

Mike Wilkinson, Wisconsin 2005

Alex Scales, Oregon 2000

Kee Kee Clark, Saint Peter’s  2006

Jeff Trepagnier (2nd round Cleveland Cavaliers), USC 2001

Bracey Wright (2nd round Minnesota Timberwolves), Indiana 2005

Kris Clack (2nd round Boston Celtics), Texas 1999

Bennett Davidson, Arizona 1998

Lamar Greer, Florida State 1998

Dontae Jones (1st round New York Knicks), Mississippi State 1996

Alvin Sims (2nd round LA Clippers) Louisville

At Nike Euro camp:

Pau Gasol, Navarro, Radmanovic, Yao Ming and many other European rising stars.

Basketball Clinics and Summer Leagues/Camps attended

Chicago NBA Pre-draft Camp from 1998 to 2004

Orlando NBA Pre-draft Camp from 2006 to 2010

Portsmouth 2009 and 2014

Orlando Summer League and Las Vegas Summer League almost every year

Treviso, Italy EuroCamp every year


Coach Tex Winter 3 times

Coach Knight 2 times

Coach Karl

Coach Jackson 2 times

Coach Pitino

Coach Raveling

Coach Brown Hubie

Coach Calipari

Coach D’antoni

Coach Nelson