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The Summer of Love

Whoever thought the summer could actually be the most exciting time of year for a die-hard NBA fan? The stars have literally aligned this summer and we are experiencing one of the most exciting free agency periods in the history of modern sports. People who say the next 10 years of NBA history will be [...]

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The Hollywood Bowl is so 20th Century!

Last week, my wife and I were fortunate enough to catch the wonderful James Taylor/Carole King show at the Hollywood Bowl. Yes, the average age may have been pushing 60, bit it was a historic show and they both sounded amazing. The star power in the crowd put a Laker game to shame. But a [...]

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Ole Los Suns!

Given that professional sports teams rely on sponsorships, broadcast rights and ticket sales as their primary sources of income, most teams avoid controversy like the plague. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible. Which makes what the Suns announced today all the more remarkable. As a very clear statement on Arizona’s [...]

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Me and Ben

As a life long, die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, today is a tough day for me. I’m pretty hard on athletes who get busted for bad behavior and stupid decisions. Now that it’s my favorite player, the judgement doesn’t come so quickly. Out of desire not to be hypocritical, I’m forcing myself to call him out. [...]

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Several friends and colleagues have asked for my take on the Tiger Woods story, and how it might affect his marketability. Of course no one really knows the long-term impact on Tiger’s image, brand or marketability, as the story is still unfolding. Clearly it will never be the same. There is some precedent however, as [...]

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Verizons New Android Ads: Taking on the iPhone

After several years as a loyal Blackberry user, I finally made the switch to iPhone this past weekend. Although I swore I wouldn’t make the switch (primarily because of the keyboard), every weekend I found myself swiping my wife’s iPhone. I finally gave it a shot when my ‘berry died. I am totally blown away [...]

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How will the FTC ruling impact athlete Tweets and Facebook posts?

The FTC took a bold step into cyberspace yesterday when it announced new rules requiring that celebrity bloggers disclose any and all endorsement relationships they have to products or services they blog/post about. The implications of this decision are potentially extremely broad. It seems that whenever a new rule like this is enacted, governing bodies [...]

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Bill Duffy Q & A

Bill Duffy has had over 25 years experience representing professional athletes. Recently, SLAM ONLINE sat down with the NBA’s third biggest agent and talked business, basketball and BDA. Bill’s philosophy of being an agent is being a life coach and a developer of men. He prides himself on guiding his client’s lives and being there [...]

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Boom’s Toy Giveaway

On Tuesday, December 21 Baron Davis gave back to the children of his community. Baron and the Clippers Community Relations Department provided over 500 gifts for the students of Southpark Elementary School. Baron, an LA native, attended Southpark himself. The children received wrapped holiday gifts and were told not to open them until they got [...]

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