About 15 years ago, having a Web site was seen as a luxury. Today, it’s a necessity if any athlete is to be perceived as serious marketing asset for its sponsor. And websites for athletes cannot just be a placeholder or a flash brochure with couple rotating images and some music in the background. Athlete’s websites must actively engage athletes fans by including interesting content which is updated on regular basis. There should be online polls, ability for fans to add content and feel important and seen and many more interactive features. Athletes need to get actively involved in responding to their fans to keep driving them to their online presence. All actions must be recorded through the analytics program and all content saved and used for syndication and socialization on the internet.

When you add it all up, there is an extra work to do on athlete’s behalf to keep their online marketing system running. Some athletes cringe when they learn that often they must budget for their online marketing initiatives to even have a chance with sponsors. Marketing is hard work and athletes who don’t want to do it, shouldn’t do it. But the ones that do, should help their agents and representatives by investing their time and budgeting for properly build website.